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Our Guide to Teeth Whitening at Home — What You Need to Know

Many of us want those dazzling smiles we see on toothpaste commercials and billboards. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with naturally white pearly teeth. The natural shade of people’s teeth varies, from yellow to brown, depending on different factors. Often, our teeth get stained by the food and drinks we consume over time. When no amount of brushing can restore our teeth’s pristine condition, there is one simple and affordable solution: Teeth whitening products and services. 

These days, teeth whitening comes in many forms. Some DIY kits and products contain bleaching agents. You can get these in most drugstores, and the instructions are simple to follow. You can also opt to buy these at-home solutions at your dentist’s clinic. 

With so many options, it’s not surprising that people are confused about teeth whitening and its process. Aside from the procedure, what most patients want to know is how many sessions do you need before you see positive results? In this post, we list down what you need to know about teeth whitening and what it entails. Read on to get your answers.

DIY Teeth Whitening: A Note Before You Proceed

Because there are so many teeth whitening products that are promising lasting results, many people are tempted to go the DIY route without enough information. While bleaching kits are readily available and convenient, they can do more harm than good. 

When choosing which product to buy, take note of the ingredients. Most have abrasive components that could damage your teeth’s enamel, causing other serious problems, such as cavities. Most teeth whitening strips and pens contain hydrogen peroxide, a harsh bleaching agent that can cause gum sensitivity and irritation. 

What’s worse is if you fall into the scams of some beauty salons offering teeth whitening kits. There have been numerous reports of these establishments being fined and shut down for including dental services without an actual license. 

Teeth Whitening: The Best Route

If you’re bent on having a more radiant smile, the best route to take is to consult with your dentist. Dental experts will be able to explain everything about the process and what you can expect after. 

In some cases, all it takes to whiten the teeth is simple prophylaxis or deep cleaning to remove food stains. If you still prefer to do it at home, most dental clinics sell whitening kits that are legal, safe, and effective. 

Dentists would also recommend doing an initial examination of your mouth to assess if your teeth and gums are in good condition for the treatment. What they do is to take an impression of your teeth and pattern a bleaching tray after it. Doing this ensures that the whitening solution can truly soak into your entire row of teeth to give you the best results. 

Take note that there may be side effects, including mild sensitivity. However, this will soon pass after a few days. Also, keep in mind that while your teeth may lighten, these bleaching kits will not have any effect on dentures, crowns, and veneers.

So how many teeth whitening sessions would you need? At-home systems are usually done for seven to 14 days. After two weeks, you’ll likely notice changes. Your teeth will be visibly whiter and brighter, giving you a more confident smile. 

As a final note, remember that proper oral hygiene will ensure that the whitening effects will last longer. Ask your doctor about how to brush your shiny new teeth properly and how often you need to schedule a professional cleaning. 

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