Tooth Extractions in Allen & Lucas, TX

Tooth extractions are routine dental procedures used to remove teeth that have become damaged, decayed or are causing other oral problems for a patient. Dr. Hubler will make every effort to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, but sometimes an extraction is necessary to keep your mouth healthy. This procedure can typically be done right in our office in a short visit. Depending on which teeth are removed, Dr. Hubler may recommend that they be replaced with a dental implant or bridge to “replace” the missing tooth in your smile.

There are several reasons why you may need to have a tooth removed.

The most common cause is severe tooth decay and cavities. However, many patients also undergo extractions for impacted teeth – particularly wisdom teeth. Other causes for extraction include advanced periodontal disease, cracked teeth, and teeth that are severely malformed. Although many circumstances that require extraction are unavoidable, some could be prevented with regular visits to the our office for exams and cleanings.

Tooth Extractions Frequently Asked Questions

Only a dentist can tell you if you need a tooth extraction. However, you may be a candidate for the procedure if one or more of your teeth are decayed so severely that a filling or others restoration is not a possibility for treatment.

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