Dental Exams & Cleaning in Allen & Lucas, TX

Preventative care is the foundation of a healthy mouth. The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist at least every 6 months for full cleanings, exams, and consultation for any treatment that you may need.  This trip to Lucas Family Dentistry will help keep your smile bright and healthy for years to come. Dr. Hubler or his hygienist will perform a thorough teeth cleaning that will help remove any built up plaque that is not able to be removed using your toothbrush and floss at home.  Dr. Hubler is frequently able to identify potential issues that you may not even be able to see or feel yet. These regular visits will help keep you free or tooth decay and gum disease as well as allow you to correct potential issues before they become too severe.

Dental Exams & Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Even if you brush and floss after every meal and before bed, bacteria-harboring plaque can accumulate in the tiniest crevices, grooves and pits. Over time, the teeth will begin to decay in those areas, which may result in pain and partial or total tooth loss.

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